Course Selection

Posted by: Website Administrator on 4/5/2012

Course selection time is coming up! It's important to keep several considerations in mind when course planning for the next academic year.

-Think long-term. If you're a rising freshman, sophomore, or junior, these choices are especially important as your classes should build on each other and show progression to more advanced coursework, while still fulfilling the necessary requirements for high school graduation.

-Challenge yourself. Aim to strike a balance so that your course load is neither too difficult/overwhelming nor too light on substance. You'll want to demonstrate that you are ready and willing to work hard and still get good grades.

-Do your research. Make sure you fully familiarize yourself with all of the course offerings at your school. Look at the course listings and talk to students and teachers to get a sense of what to expect next year, and beyond. Also, if your school requires paperwork for course selection by a certain date, hand it in early to increase the likelihood that your selections will be approved.

Remember, no two students (or schools!) are alike -- so be sure to consult with a knowledgeable adviser should you need guidance concerning the course selection process as it applies to you.