Our Services

What We Do

Whether you are planning for college, looking to transfer, or preparing for graduate school, we offer an individually tailored, professional service.

Our Experience

Our staff has worked on all sides of the admissions process - whether as a college admissions officer, a college counselor in a private high school, or a Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for a selective pre-college program - and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients.

Our Approach

We don't believe in "packaging” students, but we do believe in advance preparation and planning. We also believe that choosing a school and gaining admission has a lot do with both academic and social "fit." We believe this because it works. Just ask our satisfied clients - many of whom get into the schools of their choice without the requisite "numbers."

The Results

Expert Admissions' clients submit focused applications tailored to each individual school. This requires in-depth knowledge, both of the admissions process and of the colleges themselves - not to mention highly-skilled counseling and writing abilities. And that's where we come in.