Transfer Admissions

Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a variety of options for transfer applicants, ranging from Premier and Comprehensive Services that include our Admissions Concierge Service™ and cover everything from start to finish, to Essay Only and Hourly options that focus on individual points of concern.

A Similar (but different) Process the Second Time Around

Students seeking transfer admission must identify appropriate schools and write applications that show a clear commitment and plan of action for the next stage of undergraduate study. We also assist students with intermediary academic plans as they prepare to transfer.

Extensive Experience with Transfer Applicants

Whether your college transcript reflects strong grades or significant academic challenges, your counselor will work with you to find a better fit, both socially and academically. Don't be discouraged if college has gotten off to a rocky start; we have extensive experience working with both straightforward and tougher cases, and will work with you to successfully find and gain admission to colleges that will provide a better overall experience this time around.

"Your steady hand, influence and availability were incredibly valuable and saw us through a process that appeared even more daunting the second time around"