International Applicants

Highly Specialized Experience

Our Director evaluated international applications as an admissions officer at Barnard College of Columbia University, and knows the application and review process for international applicants extremely well. Our process is reflective of this expert knowledge.

A Focus on International Students' Needs

The process of applying to colleges and universities in the US as an international student poses unique challenges. At Expert Admissions, we work with students located throughout the world to help navigate the US educational system, providing advice on colleges and universities, as well as the admissions process. We are sensitive to the need to find a community that is welcoming, and work to identify the best schools, based on your areas of interest.

Our International Ambassadors

Our staff travels throughout the US to visit college and university campuses and meet with international admissions officers. We also travel internationally to connect with client families. Our carefully selected International Ambassadors are native to your country and have been educated at elite American universities. They are uniquely equipped to discuss the specificities of American culture and higher education, and serve as a valuable resource.

Flexibility Across Time Zones

Your counselor will have availability during hours that are convenient for you, and communicate via Skype, webcam, phone, and email.

"Your response time for questions and revisions was remarkable. I am not sure when you sleep!"