Graduate School Admissions

Our clients are graduate students in:

  • Law School
  • Medical School
  • Business School
  • Journalism School
  • Ph.D. Programs
  • Master's Programs
  • Pharm.D. Programs

A Clear Plan

Unlike college, where you can apply completely (and even blissfully) undecided, graduate school applications require a particularly tailored approach. Your applications must present a clear and logical plan that reflects both your academic and professional objectives. This is especially important for graduate programs.

Focused on Your Goals

Your counselor will help you evaluate your credentials, decide which programs to apply to, and translate your prior experiences into an effectively crafted personal statement. We will also work with you to ensure that each of your personal statements and written responses are highly customized to the field of graduate study, as well as to the specific school.

Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a variety of options for graduate school applicants, ranging from Premier and Comprehensive Services that include our Admissions Concierge Service™ and cover everything from start to finish, to Essay Only and Hourly options that focus on individual points of concern.

"[Dr. Bari's] perspective as someone who has been admitted to a prestigious graduate program is valuable."