Dear Bari,
I would just like to drop you a few lines to thank you for your assistance in helping my son get accepted to his first-choice college, American University of Richmond. [He] had always wanted to go to college overseas, especially London. Both [he] and I feel that the guidance and help you provided us was one of the major reasons he was accepted at four out of his five choices, including his number one, Richmond.

We both do appreciate the hard work, effort and time you put in trying to get him a place in Richmond. It was Christmas Eve when we heard the good news. That was the best Christmas present I could ever have. And all this thanks to you, Bari.

– Richmond University - London Parent, Class of 2010

In today's highly competitive world and to make my son's college applications stand out among all the thousands every college receives, it was most helpful to have Dr. Bari Norman's expertise not only with the application process but with the essays, the resume and all the other details that go into the daunting task of applying and getting into college.

My son was interested in specific areas of study and Dr. Norman was also most helpful in finding and recommending additional schools that offered the specific programs we were interested in in addition to the ones my son and I had found.

As a result of her help and guidance, my son was admitted to all the colleges he applied to and received generous academic scholarships from several of these schools. We are thrilled that he'll be attending USC in the fall.

I would recommend her services highly to any parent.

– University of Southern California Parent, Class of 2010

I loved working with you. I know you did the best possible for my son and it was a wonderful experience.

– Florida State University Parent, Class of 2010

I really just want to tell you how much I appreciated you this year. You truly helped in every way you could and was there for me whenever I needed a push or a talk. Thank you so much for everything!

– University of Tampa Student, Class of 2010

Bari, again, thank you sooo much! You kept me going! You sat with me, very patiently, creating a resume (an outstanding resume!) and completing applications.

You were there for me when I was literally freaking out with stress from school and I am so thankful for that! Most of all, you made me feel comfortable writing, which used to be my least favorite thing to do. When we first met, essays were so difficult . . . . You made me confident when I wrote from my heart and my writing now shows it! [Even though I chose not to go], getting into the University of Michigan was my reward, thanks to you. You relieved the stress of applying to college.

I can't thank you enough for everything. Thank you for giving me confidence and thank you for making senior year a little less stressful! I will miss you so much!

– University of Tennessee -- Knoxville Student, Class of 2010
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