College Completion Report

Posted by: Website Administrator on 3/8/2012

The Chronicle of Higher Education issued a special report this week about college graduation rates in the United States. At Expert Admissions, we are fortunate because the students we work with expect to graduate from college in four years, and many will likely go on to pursue graduate or professional degrees, as well. This is not the case, however, for most of the students who enroll as college freshmen every year at our nation’s 4,000 public, private, and for-profit colleges and universities.

According to the report, of the 4.3 million students who enrolled as college freshmen at US colleges in 2004, 2.1 million officially did not graduate, and another 1.2 million students (part-time students, transfer students, and students who take a break and enroll elsewhere later on) were not tracked. 487,000 graduated from public colleges and universities, 119,000 from community colleges, 121,000 from for-profit colleges, and 292,000 from private colleges and universities.

Among the colleges tracked starting in 2004, Vassar College had the highest graduation rate in New York State with 93.3% graduating within 6 years.

How did your college, or the colleges on your list, perform in this study?

College Completion Report

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