Common Application 2012-2013 Statistics

Posted by: Website Administrator on 1/30/2013

Given the popularity of the Common Application, we thought you might be interested in knowing a bit more about what those last hours before the big January 1 deadline are like over at the Common App.

Here are some statistics for this application cycle.

1) In the last 72 hours of 2012, from December 30 through January 1, the Common Application received 922,827 separate submissions of applications, supplements, and school forms, at a rate of 3.6 per second.

  • 347,316 total applications
  • 13.6 form submissions per second in the last ten minutes of January 1.
  • 17.4 form submissions per second in the last minute of January 1.

2) The total volume of Common Applications applicants increased by 10% from last year.

3) The average number of applications submitted per applicant was 4.1.

4) 1,794,400 Secone submitted.dary School Reports were submitted.

5) 3,014,132 Teacher Evaluations were submitted

With most student applications submitted, it’s now time for the colleges to read all those essays and recommendations.  Congratulations on making it through the fall of senior year!
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