Block Plan Colleges

Posted by: Website Administrator on 7/18/2012

Like to take things one at a time?  Then a Block Plan school might be for you.

The Block Plan is a unique class schedule used by a few schools such as Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO), Cornell College (Mount Vernon, IA), and Tusculum College (Greeneville, TN). The Block Plan entails taking one course at a time for three and a half weeks (and professors teach one at a time, as well). When the course ends, there is a four-and-a-half day break. The school year is divided into eight “blocks.” Block Plan schools have small class sizes and offer a liberal arts and science curriculum.  

The Block Plan allows for truly intensive academic work in each subject, as there are no distractions from the course at hand. Professors can take their classes on extended trips without worrying about cutting into a student’s other academic responsibilities, or taking up a student’s vacation time. Classes typically meet 3-5 hours per day, Monday-Friday, but professors are free to schedule classes outside of that format.

For instance, the Film Studies department at Colorado College offers a Block-in-Hollywood, where students experience the film and television industry on-site. Cornell College requires all Geology majors to go on at least one extended field course for 18 days to New Zealand, the Bahamas, Hawaii, or a number of other locations offered on a rotating basis. At Tusculum College, instead of doing a full semester, or a spring break program, students can spend a block doing service work in Belize.

Any course you take at a Block Plan college will allow for intensive engagement with the course at hand, whether it’s through uninterrupted class discussion, total immersion in a foreign language, dedicated laboratory time, or the opportunity for exciting field work.  

If you are interested in pursuing a traditional liberal arts and science education with small class sizes and dedicated professors, along with the distinction of being able to focus on one course at a time, you may want to consider adding a Block Plan college to your list.