Finding Your Voice in the College Process

Posted by: Website Administrator on 4/23/2012

The college search and application process is your opportunity to take some time out of your hectic schedule to focus on yourself.  You get to think about your interests, likes, talents, and strengths, and show off your accomplishments.  The college search process is all about you, how you learn best, and how you find fulfillment.  

College is when you begin to truly come into your own.  You may be living independently for the first time and responsible for making your own decisions – not to mention that choosing a college may be one of the biggest decisions you have made so far.  Remember, when you do go to college, it is you who will be attending, so make sure that it’s your needs and interests you’re focusing on.

You and your parents should work in partnership throughout the college search.  It is important, of course, to rely on your parents for guidance and advice.  After all, they probably know you better than just about anyone.  But be assertive about your interests while remaining open to the insight your parents provide.  And remember, when you communicate with colleges, admissions counselors prefer to hear directly from you.  After all, if they only hear from your parents, how will they get to know you?

The college search is a time of self-exploration and personal development, and we want you to find your way to a college that fits your personality and learning style.  Taking ownership of your college search early will help you face the challenges ahead, and give you the confidence to relax a little and enjoy the process along the way.             

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