3 Questions You Never Thought to Ask Your College Tour Guide

Posted by: Website Administrator on 6/17/2015

On a college tour, you’ll learn a great deal about a school, but it can sometimes be difficult to get a more in-depth understanding of its personality. Looking ahead to your college tours this spring, keep these questions in mind to help you develop greater understanding of the schools you visit.

  • Where are the best places to study outside your dorm room?  At some point during college, either by choice or necessity, you’ll need to find a place to study outside your dorm room. You’ll often learn that there are multiple libraries or library spaces with different ambiences (for instance, places that are super quiet and places that are known for being a bit more social). In addition, there may be lounges, cafes, and lobbies that also offer space to buckle down and get some work done. Asking about study spaces will help you gain insight into how students like to get their work done at a college, and possibly help you learn about some cool spaces on campus.
  • What are some lesser known majors at your school?  Knowing which majors are the most popular can give you a sense of the academic interests of the student body – but it’s worth asking about the lesser-known programs, as well. Lesser-known majors may be unique to the college, and you could also learn about some majors you didn’t even know existed. Because your tour guide won’t be familiar with the entire course catalog, be sure to check out the full list of majors at schools to ensure that you can see the range of academic options available to you.
  • What are the quintessential experiences every student should have at your school?  When you visit a college, you’ll probably learn about requirements such as general education credits or a thesis, but you can also learn a lot about a school through the “unofficial” things students say you must experience during your time there as a student. This question is a great way to find out what students like to do for fun, and give you a sense of the range of available activities outside the classroom. Just keep in mind that your tour guide’s experience is not necessarily representative of what the whole student body likes to do, so try to ask more than one person about this.

Asking questions that are a bit off the beaten path will help you gain even greater insight into the life of a college and help you further distinguish between the places you visit.