Spring Advice for Juniors

Posted by: Website Administrator on 5/13/2015

As the school year draws to a close, here are a few things juniors should be thinking about. In the next few weeks, make an appointment with your college counselor or adviser to go over the following checklist items.

Confirm your course schedule for next year. If you haven’t already, discuss your course selections with your college adviser. Make sure you have a balanced curriculum that shows you’re challenging yourself, but where you’ll still be able to maintain strong grades.

Revisit your college list. Go over the list with your adviser and see if it needs to be refined based on your academic performance and standardized testing to date. Aim for a range of reach, target, and “safety” schools, and check if you still need to visit any of the schools. Finally, make sure you still like all of the colleges on your list!

Confirm your summer plans. You should have something productive planned for at least a couple of weeks during the summer. This could include, among other possibilities, a pre-college program, internship, focusing on your art or music, summer job, or intensive community service project. If you don’t have any plans, opportunities will be more limited, but there are still options out there.

Review your standardized testing. Determine if you need to take any additional standardized tests, when you plan to take them, and set up a plan for test preparation and/or tutoring.

Begin filling out the Common Application (not including the Writing section). Even though the Common Application clears all of its data over the summer, you should fill out the Common Application now, and store the information in an off-line document. That way, you can refer to it when you begin applying to colleges, and save yourself a great deal of time down the line.

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