Why Expert Admissions?

How We're Different

"Talking to Bari is like being a fly on the wall at an elite college's admissions committee meeting."

Nationally recognized experts:

Featured as an expert by national media, our Co-Founder also serves as the Chair of IECA's College Committee and on the Advisory Board of University of California-Irvine's Certificate Program in Independent College Consulting, where she is also an instructor.

Not your typical college consulting experience:

Our Admissions Concierge Service™ is the hallmark of our approach and ensures the highest level of service and attention for our clients; our proprietary materials, including our Admit Toolkit,™ complement the expert advising services provided by our counseling staff.

We love what we do:

Experienced, full-time staff who love all things college-related and who are thrilled by seeing you succeed.

Expert, up-to-date advice:

Knowledge garnered from years as college admissions officers, combined with extensive travel to college and university campuses across the country, yields the best advice for our clients.

It's about relationships:

We believe the student and the counselor have to "click" and that everyone – parents, student, and counselor – needs to feel comfortable from the start.  Our service is designed to involve everyone in ways that are both productive and healthy.  

We are service-oriented:

Our superb full-time administrative staff enables our counseling staff to focus on advising and makes each family we work with feel like they're the only family we work with.

No one falls through the cracks:

We offer a highly personalized service and our counseling and administrative staff work seamlessly together to ensure that every student and family gets the attention they deserve at all points in the process.

"We really appreciate your insight, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and organizational brilliance in this daunting process."

We focus on the details, while always thinking about the bigger picture:

We're obsessively detail-oriented – as we should be – but when we're giving advice, we're always thinking ahead to where it'll place you when it comes time to apply.